Southwest FireCLIME is a multi-year research partnership between scientists and resource managers to synthesize current knowledge of regional climate-fire-ecosystem dynamics, Our project has addressed this goal through the following approaches:

Science Synthesis
Comprehensive review of the existing scientific understanding of climate-fire-ecosystem interactions and implications for management, and new research on drivers of fire and vegetation in the Southwest.

Science Synthesis and Annotated Bibliography Icon

Annotated Bibliography
A compilation of 190 publications that relate to climate, fire and fuels, and ecological dynamics affecting the southwestern United States.

Our team worked collaboratively with managers to model changes to Southwestern forested ecosystems under various climate and management scenarios.

Vulnerability Assessment
An interactive tool allowing users to compare management strategies under various climate scenarios and assess the potential effectiveness of management actions.

Adaptation Tools
In partnership with the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science (NIACS), we developed a menu of Fire & Climate Adaptation Strategies to be used as part of a framework for integrating climate change considerations into management decisions.